RybaFish Charts

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RybaFish Charts is an open source cross-platform software for monitoring of SAP HANA DB. RybaFish is not affiliated with SAP. It provides HANA load graph functionay for multi-tenant installations.

Only one installation can be monitored: connection to two or more servers in parallel was not supported before 0.95 Ishkhan which has experimental support of multiple data provisers (HANA/non-HANA). Anyway, several SQL consoles were always supported.

Key Features

Known Limitations



You can also review future plans in TODO list.

To see the rest of the bugs or report some - check the project’s issues page.


RybaFish Charts is free open source software released under GPLv3 license. The software provided “as is” without warranty of any kind, you can use it at your own risk.