RybaFish Charts

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Rybafish statusbar (most bottom line of the application window) has so-called indicators. Each indicator corresponds to the RybaFish tab:


In this case four tabs are open. Those indicators reflect status of RybaFish tabs: chart and SQL consoles.

By the way, by clicking on the indicator itself you can change the active tab.

This page describes available statuses and their meaning.

Idle idle

The console is connected and doing nothing.

Sync sync

The console is doing some king of sync-reauest. This means whole application UI is locked until the request finishes. In most cases you will see this one for the first tab (charts) because chart calls are 100% synchronous.

SQL consoles do most of database requests in synchronous mode with some exceptions. For instance, keep-alive requests sent in synchronous mode because normally they are very fast and you will not notice them if the connection is fine.

Running running

This one set by SQL consoles during database request: database execution and results transfer to client do not block application.

Error error

Set upon database exceptions, most likely syntax error in the SQL query.

Render render

In case of huge result set returned to client (over 100 000 cells) it might take some time to render it: during this time the console will have this indicator.

During this time whole application UI is locked, so no interraction possible.

Disconnected disconnected

This ine changed in 092 and became dark gray instead of this redish. It means the console is not connected to the database.

Alert alert

Set when the console detected an alert, see the alerting functionality page on this topic.

Autorefresh autorefresh

Set when the console switched into auto-refresh mode and no query is running at the moment. As soon as query will be triggered - indication will switch to ‘Running’ (Running).