RybaFish Charts

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Is BTP/HANA Cloud supported?

Basically, I don’t know. Probably not. If you can share an account/connection that I can test and/or develop an extention for BTP/HANA Cloud - I can check this.

Why such colours selected, can I change them?

Colors and line styles provided by the database. You can manually change the color by right-mouse-click in the KPIs table.

Why same KPIs have same colour for the different tenants/hosts?

First, see the previous question. Second, it is actually a good thing: CPU is always red and memory is always green.

Where the data coming from?

m_load_history_service and m_load_history_host system views. Since v0.8 it is possible to switch to _sys_statistics.host… views which cover 42 days.

Why some KPIs has fraction and some don’t?

Everything is actually an integer in m_load_history… but some values are recalculated for the display (‘normalized’). If reclaculated maximum is < 10 - RybaFish puts the decimal point on it.

Why the chart jumps to the end of the period?

If “to:” is empty, the most recent data selected and displayed. If you want to avoid chart re-positioning - just put some date as the end of the period and position will not change on refresh.

SQL Console

How the statement execution time measured?

It is client-side measurement. Therefore it includes: prepare, execute and fetch. Highly depends on the network and the result size.

Is it possible to enable auto-commit?

At the moment - no. You need to do explicit “commit” if you need to persist your changes. Let me know if you need this auto-commit feature, it can be implemened short term (if eeded).

What status bar indicator colors mean?

There is a separate page on that, but in a nutshell: