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Sinve v0.9 RybaFish supports context SQLs.

This means you can define a custom sql that can be invoked from the right mouse click menu in the results area.

context sql example

List of proposed SQLs depends solely on the column name. Definitions of context sqls stored in ContextSQLs folder.

Context SQL file definition example (01_statement_hash.yaml):


name: 'Get statement string'

sql: >
    select statement_string
    from m_sql_plan_cache
    where statement_hash = '$value'

File structure


Column name. This could be a single value or a list of values.


Name of the SQL. This text will be displayed in the context menu.


Statement itself. It is also possible to provide a list of statements, in this case they will be executed one after the other in queue. See the example in PLAN_ID_02_explain.yaml